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Water Utility Company

Project objective

To create a controlled flow of treated water around the service tank

Project description

Once the old baffle curtains had been removed and repairs made to the existing stainless 316L baffle plate, installation of the new baffle curtains could begin. The new prefabricated 1.5mm Flagon GeoP/AT baffle curtains are shipped to site and placed inside the tank to the exact positioning of the old curtains. To place these in the tank, the baffle curtains are hoisted up from the floor into a vertical position and then each curtain is fixed to an eyebolt from the soffit by a baffle strap which are used for tensioning.

The baffle curtains are fixed to the floor slab using a 316L stainless bar and fixings which provides a positive seal and reduces short circuiting. The curtain panels are individually pulled up and welded onto the newly installed curtain using hot air welding techniques.


3 weeks

required turnaround


lanes of corridors


sq.m of complex welding used (approx)


sq.m of Reg31 baffle curtains

10m – 50m

varying lengths of curtain

Deadline met. We completed this work in the 3 week turnaround required by the water utility company to finish the project including necessary testing and to return the tank to service.

The new baffle curtains are manufactured off site to improve the efficiency of installation on site.

7 lanes of corridors with approx 1600sq.m of complex welding were used.

1500sq.m of Reg31 baffle curtains were used

On completion, curtain lengths can vary between 10m – 50m long.