Service Reservoir

Posted on: 1st Jun 2008 by: WLS: Water-Lines Solutions Ltd



Project Objective

Relining of a potable water reservoir.


The reservoir had been lined with a rubber membrane which had deteriorated and was starting to leak. Approximately 6,000m² of DWI approved flexible membrane was installed to a height of 3.3m from the floor including 183 square columns resting on circular plinths.

Pipeworks entering the reservoir were sealed with a DWI liquid applied system.

The Project required multiple-trained welding technicians working for 8 weeks below ground in a process which included regular calibration of machinery and air testing to welded joints. The Project, once completed, was placed on a 2 week drop test and then put back into service.

Products involved

DWI approved flexible membrane.


Reservoir successfully brought back into service.


Flexible membrane can be installed relatively quickly without numerous repairs to existing structure.


June 2008

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