Case Studies

Canaston Bridge WTW Settlement Lagoon

Posted on: 1 Aug 2013 by: WLS: Water-Lines Solutions Ltd

The existing Lagoon Liner was in a bad state of repair and a solution was necessary to make the Lagoon impermeable again, in order that it could hold pre treated water, a fast turn around was essential.

Jordan DISI Water Project

Posted on: 1 Aug 2012 by: WLS: Water-Lines Solutions Ltd

To improve water circulation: Baffle Curtains were prefabricated off site into manageable sizes. The baffles were fixed between the concrete columns and tensioned with flexible straps.

Storage Lagoon

Posted on: 1 Jul 2012 by: WLS: Water-Lines Solutions Ltd

4m x 2.4m floating modules were prefabricated off site. Once delivered, the modules were lowered into the lagoon and joined together with flexibke toggles. The float structure was secured tothe perimeter edge with straining wire and safety net.

Service Reservoir

Posted on: 1 Jun 2008 by: WLS: Water-Lines Solutions Ltd

Relining of a potable water reservoir: The reservoir had been lined with a rubber membrane which had deteriorated and was starting to leak. Approximately 6,000m² of DWI approved flexible membrane was installed to a height of 3.3m from the floor including 183 square columns resting on circular plinths.

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