Let's go!

Project Objectives

The existing Lagoon Liner was in a bad state of repair and a solution was necessary to make the Lagoon impermeable again, in order that it could hold pre treated water, a fast turn around was essential.

Project Description

The Lagoon required the existing liner to be removed, the substrate repaired with clay. The new sodium Bentonite system was laid onto the 300mm clay liner, followed by a 2mm thick FPA DWI approved geomembrane.

Products Involved

Bentoline SS100 (GCL), 2mm thick FPA


The client required a 2 week period to complete the project, which also included integrity testing. We completed in 8 working days. Total quantity of each product used was 10,000 m2.


New impermeable system which should provide a 25 year expectancy.

August 2013